Past Due Child Support Payments

Paying child support is done to financially help with the raising of your child. When you fall behind in your payments, the other parent may have to struggle to keep providing all that your child needs to grow up in a safe, healthy and stable environment.

Like other bills you pay, when you call behind on your monthly child support payments, interests will build on the balance which is past due and this interest cannot be stopped or put on hold by a judge. The interest on any child support that was due on or after January 1st, 1983 is 10%. Interest on a past due balance that was due before January 1st, 1983 is 7%.

If your wages are being garnished to extract child support payments and you owe a past balance, there might be an extra amount removed from your wages to start paying off your arrears. This is called liquidation amount and even if your arrears are slowly being paid of, interest is still building on them.

There are very serious consequences to not paying child support and can result in jail time, especially if the person who isn’t paying the court ordered child support but is financially capable of it. This can be considered as ‘in contempt of court’.


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