What is Mediation?

Mediation is where a neutral third party attempts to resolve disputes between various individuals. The neutral third party attempts to remain unbiased toward the parties so that a fair outcome can result. Mediation is voluntary and therefore the parties do not have to feel that they are at the mediation session against their will. Divorce can be costly, mediation can potentially keep the costs down when attempting to come to an agreement.

During the mediation session both parties will have an equal amount of time to voice their opinions and attempt to come to a solution. The mediator is not in charge of coming to a solution for the parties they are simply the facilitators in the communication dialogue between the parties.

If you would like further information on mediation or divorce it is helpful to contact a legal professional to find out details of  the divorce or mediation process. At times it is a matter of preference if mediation is selected as opposed to going through the traditional divorce proceedings.


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